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Senior (22-26) League, Volunteers, Goalie Evaluation, Single Letter Tryout Groups & More…

The 2022/2023 Dollard Hockey season has now kicked off with Double Letter tryouts starting this past evening and continuing this week. Saturday is a big day with all levels (MAGH through U18, single & double letters on the ice). Checkout information about Double Letter and Single Letter Tryouts, Volunteers, Goalie Evals, Rink 2 Entrance, Novice, MAHG and Yearbook Tender.

Senior League (Ages 22-26)

Have you graduated out of the U21 (Junior) division or know someone who has? Do you still want to play organized hockey, but consider yourself too young for Old timers? Well there is now a new regional league just for your.

Dollard Hockey now has a team in the new Senior league for people ages 22-26. Cost $550 for the year. A 50% first payment is due at time of registration. A date for the 2nd payment is to be determined. Based on current information from the league, there will be 24 games and then playoffs.

To register head to for more information. Registration will begin shortly.


Saturday Sept. 10th is a big day for us, so if you are available please help us out, We are looking for parents to help out at the registration desk . Please use the link below to sign-up and help. We will also be asking NON-COACHING PARENTS to help us man the benches during the single letter tryouts so that free's up to coaches to conduct a proper player evaluation.

Please use the link ( to sign up to help at the check-in desk.

If you are interested in helping out Dollard Hockey in other way (convenor, tournaments, …) please contact us at

Goalie Evaluation (U11-U18, Single and Double Letters)

This Sunday Sept. 11th Dollard Hockey will be conducting a Goalie Evaluation for all levels (U11 to U18) for both single and double letters. If you child is a goalie please bring them to these sessions so we can evaluate them properly for the upcoming season.

Sept 11th

  • U11 8:30 (Single and Double Letters)

  • U13 9:30 (Single and Double Letters)

  • U15 10:30 (Single and Double Letters)

  • U18 11:30 (Single and Double Letters)

Single Letter (SL) Tryouts Groups

Tryout groups have now been posted to the website. Proceed to and click on the appropriate tryout category for your child. Groupings for single letter categories are described in the single letter section and based on what level you child player the previous season

U9 Novice

A new group list will be sent to you shortly.


Please note that there has been a schedule change the Sunday times start Sept. 18th

Rink 2 Back Entrance

Please note that there is work scheduled to repair the roof over rink 2.

The back entrance to the rinks will not be available for about 2 weeks, from Sept 6th to the 16th.

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