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What is a Manager

The role of a manager is an important one in Dollard Hockey. While many parents are willing to step on the ice, there is another segment that have never played or can not step on the ice. Both of these can contribute to the success of a team and make it an enjoyable year for the kids.


While being a coach is glamorous, a manager role is more about the paperwork, freeing the coach to focus solely on the development of the kids on the ice. Managers handle preparing the game sheets, organizing tournaments along with planing the social activities for the team in consultation with the coaching staff. The manager works in partnership with the coaching staff to help execute the on and off-ice vision for the year. Along with the paperwork the manager acts as a liaison to the parents, stepping in if there is an issue acting as an intermediary for the coaching staff.

Without a manager, the team would not be able to run. They are an important, contributing part of a Dollard Hockey team.


  1. Create Team Budget

    1. An updated team budget form will be sent to you by DHA.

    2. Fill out & complete budget form

    3. Once completed send the budget to Mich Sardella (

  2. Opening a Bank account

    1. Bank accounts for each team are already created. To transfer ownership you must submit your name plus your assistant to Mich Sardella ( and she will forward your information to the bank.

    2. All cheques much be signed by two people. 

    3. Once your budget has been approved, schedule your appointment with the TD Bank on Sources

      1. 3720 Sources Blvd, Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Quebec H9B 1Z9, (514) 683-0391

    4. Pick up your manager's bag including the cheques and bank card for the team in addition to games sheets from the DHA offices

  3. Schedule a parents meeting

    1. Once the budget is approved you can schedule a team meeting. This can be done in person or virtually. 

    2. You may want to think about some fundraising ideas to do extra team activities.

    3. The parents need to sign showing they approve the budget (a form will be email to you by the convenor)

    4. Parents are expected to bring their cheque books and either write a cheque for the complete amount dated for today, or half the amount today with a post-dated cheque for Dec. 15 with the outstanding balance.

  4. For the 2023-2024 season, the association has purchased TeamSnap for every team.

    1. Managers are responsible for entering roster and game & practice schedule

    2. Your convenor will email you the practice schedule for your team into TeamSnap.

  5. Creating the Official Roster

    1. You must send the complete player roster and player numbers (see copy of DHA team roster.xls) to the following email

    2. You send the coaches information (see coaches and mangers info.xls) and copy of the coaches qualifications and volunteer card / background check to the same above people

  6. Ensure the proper coaching qualifications.​

    1. For a background check just head to the main office for Dollard Sport and Leisure and they can do it at the desk.

    2. The office will give you a slip of paper saying your check is in progress.

  7. Team jerseys and Name Bars

    1. Name bars for new players need to be ordered and sewn onto the jerseys.

    2. Name bars can be order from many places such as  Monkey Sports, Civic Center.

    3. This should be done as soon as you send out your email welcoming your players to the team.

  8. Hoodies and Toques can not be included in the budget.

  9. Game sheets

    1. Games sheets are no longer being used. Game sheets are submitted electronically through


Once the team is set up.

  1. Game Day

    1. Game Sheet:​

      1. Call-ups are only to be used when there is a player missing on your team. Use to modify your roster to remove a missing player then add your selected call-ups. 

    2. Game Entry​

      1. At the end of each game, a member of the local team must update the game scores via the CHL game portal.  Failure to report scores and/or suspensions within 48 hours of the game will result in a $10.00 fine levied against the HOME team.  A PDF with instructions is attached to this email.

      2.  The user name and password will be emailed to you by you convenor

    3. Suspensions

      1.  In cases where there is a player receiving and or serving a suspension (league or exhibition) send a copy of the scoresheet to


  2. Tournaments

    1. You are required to enter the Dollard Hockey tournament if there is one at your level.

      1. Novice Tournament for U9 Teams​

      2. AP Tournament for U11 to U13 teams

      3. U15 Dollard Tournament for U15 

      4. U18 Dollard Tournament for U18

    2. We are allowed up to 3 tournaments, but can do fewer.

    3. You are required to provide the following when showing up to a tournament

      1. Your team's T112 (Team birth certificate), you get this from Susan

      2. Tournament Permit, you get this from Susan

      3. A copy of your last 5 game sheets (these can be printed out from

      4. A copy of your team's schedule

  3. Money and Budgets

    1. An example of the require budgets forms will be sent to you once you have been approved as manager

    2. You are required to submit a monthly accounting of expenses by the 5th day of each month.

    3. You are required to submit a final budget after the end of the season prior to end of April

    4. You will receive a monthly ice bill in the U9/U11/U13/U15/U18 mailbox (you will eventually get a key)

    5. You are required to write a cheque to DHA for %50 of the DHA fees by Dec 1st, the remainder by Jan 15th (I believe).

    6. You are required to write a cheque to DHA for the yearbook fee by Dec. 1st

    7. At some point you need to pick your photo package and again you write a cheque to DHA.

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