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Below is a list of questions commonly asked by parents considering registering their children into hockey for the first time.

How do I know what level my child will play at?

  • Here is a table of birthdates vs. Level for this season:

  • At what age can my child start playing hockey?

    • It’s never too late to start! Kids 7 years old and up to 20 years old can join a team.

  • How will my child be placed on a team?

    • Look on the “Tryouts” page of this web site to find out when the tryout sessions are for your child’s age group. These start in Mid-August and continue through mid-September.

    • Coaches and the Hockey Development Committee evaluate all players.

    • Once tryouts are over, your child will be placed on a team and contacted by their new coach.

  • What is the time commitment for playing hockey?

    • For Pre-Novice, the kids play twice a week. In Novice through Junior, single letter teams play 3 times per week and double letter teams play 4 or 5 times per week.

    • Practices and games are not at the same time and days from week to week.

  • How much does it cost?

    • There is a $150.00 registration fee, and then once your child is placed on a team there are additional costs.

    • For single letter teams, this amount is between $450.00-$625.00.

    • Double letter team costs are from $650.00-$850.00.

  • Who supplies the equipment?

    • You must purchase all the equipment, including skates, that your child will need.  They will be given socks and sweaters (home and away) to use for games during the season.  See Required Equipment List below.

    • For goalies, leg pads chest protectors and gloves can be borrowed from DHA for the season. Goalies must provide their own skates, hockey pants and mask with neck guard.

    • All players must provide their own sticks & tape.

    • Required Equipment List

      • CSA helmet with mask

      • throat protector

      • shoulder pads

      • elbow pads

      • gloves

      • jock (or pelvic protector for girls)

      • garter belt or suspenders

      • hockey pants

      • shin guards

      • skates

      • hockey stick

      • mouthguard

      • jersey & socks for practices

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