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Atom-Peewee-Bantam Tournament

Nov. 30th to Dec. 10th, 2022

Teams are allowed from the following regions:
Lac St-Louis, Montreal, and Laval


  1. For all games, teams must be ready to go on the ice 15 minutes before the published game time.

  2. Each team is guaranteed to play 2 games

    1. Division Tournament Formats:

      1. M11-A is After the first 2 games, the last place team will be eliminated.

      2. For M11-B, would be 2 Divisions of 5 teams, the top 2 in each move to Semi-Finals.

      3. M13-A: Will be the top 4 teams that move to the Semi-Finals after the first 2 games played.

      4. M13-B: would be 2 Divisions of 4 teams, the top 2 in each move to Semi-Finals.

      5. M15-A: Top 4 teams after the 2 games advance to Semi-Finals.

      6. M15-B: Two divisions of 5 teams, the top 2 of each division advance to semi-finals.

  3. One 30 second timeout will be allowed per team in the Semi-Finals and Finals Only.

  4. There will be a 2-minute warm-up before the start of each game.

  5. All games will consist of 3, 10-minute stop time periods.

  6. Should opposing teams have sweaters similar in color that, in the opinion of the tournament organizers, may cause confusion the home team will be supplied with a different set of sweaters

  7. For all levels except M13-C, games other than semi-finals and finals, in the event of a tie after 3 periods of play, rule HQ 9.7.1 will be followed.

    1. single five-minute (5) stopped-time period with line-ups limited to 4 skaters and a goalkeeper, except for penalized players who must serve their respective penalties or for the application of “Franc Jeu” regulations. The first (1st) goal legally scored ends the game.

    2.  If the tie persists after the overtime periods, there will be a shootout as per HQ 9.7.2.

  8. For M13-C, games other than semi-finals and finals, are round robin and can end in a tie. HQ 9.8 will be used to establish seeding for the semi-final round.

  9. For the semi-finals and Finals games, in the event of a tie after three periods of play, H.Q. rule 9.7.3 will be followed

    1. There shall be a single overtime period lasting 10 minutes with stopped time. A line-up of 4 skaters and 1 goalkeeper will be used by each team except when penalties must be served in accordance with playing rules or for the application of “Franc Jeu” regulations. The first goal legally scored ends the game.

    2. Should the score remain tied after such overtime period, the shootout procedure described in Regulation 9.7.2 shall be used.

    3. Shoot out (H.Q. 9.7.2.)

      1. For each game of a tournament or festival, if the score remains tied after the overtime period, the Referee shall ask each coach to designate three (3) players for the first round of the shootout. Should the score still be tied after this first round, the coach shall designate, in turn and one at a time, a player to take part in the shootout. All players other than goalkeepers must take part in the shootout before a player is permitted to return a second time.

      2. A player serving a penalty at the end of overtime shall be eligible to take part in the shootout.

      3. The “shootout” will be carried out as follows:

        1. the Home Team shall have the choice of shooting first or second.

        2. once this choice is made, the designated team sends its first player to attempt to score against the opposing goalkeeper. Then the opposing team does the same until all three (3) designated players of each team have had their turn.

          1. the choice made by the Coach does not indicate the order in which the players must appear on ice to take their shot; iv) playing rules related to penalty shots are in effect.

          2. shots are taken in turn and no simultaneous shots will be permitted.

          3. the team having scored most goals in the complete round is declared the winner.

      4. When it becomes necessary to conduct a second or third round to break the tie, the order in which the players will appear is at the coach's discretion and may well not be the same as in the first round. However, for each full round, all players on the team's roster at the end of the game must have their turn before a player may return for another try

      5. The game ends when the tie is broken following an equal number of shots taken by each team.

  10. At all  categories, should a team gain an advantage of seven goals after the second period; the game will continue using running time.

  11. The tournament organizers reserve the right to stop or cancel any games that it deems fit.

  12. The tournament organizers reserve the right to expel any team from the tournament that it deems fit.

  13. Any cost related to property damage caused by any team will be the entire responsibility of the team in question and as such the team will be required to pay such costs.

  14. HQ 7.7.8 - The use of horns driven by compressed air or batteries are forbidden.

  15. As per Hockey Quebec rule all teams are required to play their scheduled tournament games. Failing to abide by this rule will result in a $470.00 penalty payable by the defaulting team.


Enjoy the tournament

Organizing committee

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