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The MAHG Program (Méthode d’Apprentissage de Hockey sur Glace) is in response to initiation requirements for hockey in the province of Quebec. The MAHG Program was created and fully respects standards relating to long-term player development. It is up to those in charge of hockey, locally and regionally, to ensure that the method is applied correctly as well as other aspects of the rules and regulations. The rules were created and adopted in terms of the welfare of the youngster learning fundamental hockey skills while still having fun.

The Initiation sector of Hockey Québec is aimed towards the Pre-Novice and Novice divisions, which is to say that it is for players of 4 to 6 years old

The MAHG program run by Dollard Hockey is headed up by Hockey Quebec Legend Bill Campbell and typically runs mid-September to April. 

Cost: $350 ($150 at time of registration, $200 Jan 1st).

To register please follow the instructions on the Registration Page.

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