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What Is A Mission Statement?

A statement of the mission, or goal, of an organization that serves as a contract for ethical behavior which everyone involved in the organization, whether it be parents, athletes, coaches, officials, and administrators have agreed to follow. Our mission statement was guided by the motivational model of youth sport participation which states that most children participate in sport to have fun. Following this, their goals are to improve skills and fitness levels, exercise, spend time with friends and make new friends, and compete.

  1. To assure that each youth, regardless of ability, receives an equal amount of playing time.

  2. To provide a positive learning experience for all participants in a fun, enjoyable, and safe environment.

  3. To foster the development of all participants by teaching the values of fair play, respect, and teamwork.

  4. To provide a positive learning experience geared towards developing the fundamental and athletic ability of all participants.

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