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2023/2024 Registration



Registration Fee is                        $150 Before Sept 1st 2023

                                                      $200 After Sept 1st 2023


For members who have already played for the Dollard Hockey Association please register by clicking the button below. New players please use the link at the bottom of the page. 

Please follow the prompts, step by step. PLEASE take time to answer all the on line questions, as well as update/add any contact info that needs updating (emails/phone….)

  • All you will need is the player’s name and address.  

  • The option to pay by Credit Card is now available.  

  • OR you can send in the completed form with your cheque or money order within 2 weeks of registration. 


IMPORTANT: your son or daughter is NOT considered registered until the full payment has been received. All players must be registered before the first tryout. 


You can pay by cheque by dropping it off at the DHA office. Just be sure to clearly indicate the name of your child on the cheque. 


Dollard Hockey Association
12001 Boul. De Salaberry
Suite H-183
Dollard des Ormeaux, Québec 
H9B 2A7

Agreement concerning the code of ethics for Players & Parents of the Dollard Hockey Association


 WHEREAS Membership in the Dollard Hockey Association hereinafter referred to as ""DHA"" is not an absolute right but rather a privilege. WHEREAS the parents of a minor child agree that they are responsible for the conduct of said child. WHEREAS the conduct and behaviour of the parents can affect the status of their child in ""DHA"". WHEREAS the parents and a player can have their membership revoked for the following reasons.

 That the parents and the player covenant and agree as follows:

  1. That the preamble here in above mentioned shall form an integral part herein;

  2. That the player and the parents must obey and respect the Team Rules as set out by the coaches;

  3. That the player and the parents must show respect for the officials, the coaches and their fellow players;

  4. That the player and the parents must abstain from criticising their fellow players, the officials and the coaches;

  5. That the player and the parents have been made aware of By-Law 80-673 Respecting the use of the Civic Center and said By-Law states that any person must refrain from using profane, insulting or obscene language and cannot act contrary to public order, the whole as per Section 2-7;

  6. That the player and the parents agree that "DHA" can in their absolute discretion constitute what deems unacceptable behaviour;

  7. That the executive of "DHA" has the absolute right and power to do the following:

    1.  Give a warning to a parent or a player

    2.  Suspend a player for a period of time to be determined by the Executive of the "DHA" and this at their sole discretion

    3.  Revoke the membership of a parent or a player in "DHA" for a period to be determined at the sole discretion of the Executive of the "DHA"

    4.  Prevent a parent from attending any hockey game or practice whether or not said hockey game or practice is being held at the Dollard-des-Ormeaux Civic Center

  8. That the present Agreement shall be interpreted as according to the Laws of the Province of Quebec;

  9. That the parties who have signed the present Agreement have expressly requested that said Agreement be drafted in the English Language.  

 Team Budget (Approximate)


The following are registration fees as well as team’s estimated costs based on the previous year’s budgets.


Receipts for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit will reflect the registration fee as well as a portion of the team’s budget.



NO REFUNDS after October 1st


For players who have never been registered with Dollard Hockey before this season. 

New members can register now by doing the following:

  1. Fill all required information, including full address, birth date, medicare number, e-mail address etc...(players weight, position, shoots left/right. etc is NOT required)

  2. Sign the form by BOTH parent and player. 

  3. Provide a copy of proof of residency. A utility bill is required. (e.g.: bell, gas, hydro, report card,...) 

  4. Once completed, mail the forms to the DHA Offiice (address above). 

  5. Once the information has been received and verified by the registrar, the registrar will advise you when you can register line.

  6. Only then can you register on line. Follow the steps described above in the EXISTING MEMBERS REGISTRATION  section.

For more information e-mail:

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