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Please follow the groupings posted above, unless otherwise told.

MAHG 2 -  All returning MAGH 2 players from last year and all MAGH 1 players from last year

MAHG 1 - All new players starting this season

Coaches - Please note that we ask all volunteer coaches to attend the session where their child is currently placed

PLEASE NOTE:  Put the first name of your child on their helmet with white tape.

**Schedule subject to change

Information for Parents


Rink 1 begins on the hour: i.e. 8:00, 9:00. 10:00, …

Rink 2 begins on the 15: 8:15, 9:15, 10:15, …

Rink 3 begins at 30: 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, …


When you look at your schedule, knowing your start time helps you figure out which rink you will be on.


Locker rooms:

There are two places to check and figure out the appropriate locker room for your child to dress in. Before going down the stairs to the locker rooms on the left there are 3 screens.


Screen 1 is for rink 1, the middle is for rink 2 and rink 3 is at the bottom.

You would look for your time then team so example: Screen 2 8:15 Mahg 1 - 8 indicates room 1 and 8 NOT 1 to 8.


There are 2 rooms dedicated for each session. For older children playing games or sharing the ice, each room would be for 1 team.


If you pass the screens and did not check, PRINTED on the wall to the right of the main hall towards both rinks 1 and 2, there is a master list for the week. This too will have the same schedule and assigned rooms.


Using empty rooms is NOT permitted. These rooms will be used at some point during the hour and if your bags are left in the wrong room, they will be removed by the teams coming. You may also find the room with your items locked if a team uses the room and locks the door. It is imperative that you use ONLY the 2 rooms allocated to your group and time.


The locker room numbers are located to the right of each door.


Locker rooms for rinks 1 and 2 are parallel to rinks 1 and 2. Locker rooms for rink 3 are located in the same row as the pro shop.

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